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THE JEWISH QUARTER TOUR by car/van/coach transfer

The Jewish Quarter Walking Tour in Prague traces the history of what was once the largest Jewish ghetto in Europe.This moving story is led by a guide who specialises in the Jewish Quarter. The tour embraces the history, traditions and legends of the Jewish people in Prague, from their early settlements in the 10th century, through their enforced isolation, the poverty of the pogrom refugees, and the horrors of the 20th century.Importantly, we find out about the every day life of the Jewish people through the ages: how they lived, worked and survived in the Jewish Quarter, of their successes and of their failures.Admission to, and a guided tour of all the monuments forming the Jewish Museum in Prague is included in the trip. Our guide is certified to guide in the Jewish Museum.The story vividly unfolds as we explore the synagogues, the cemetery and the streets of the former Jewish ghetto. Why for instance, were people buried ten deep, one on top of the other? Who was the famous “Golem”? And how, despite the terrible purges of the Nazi occupation, did the beautiful monuments in the Jewish Quarter survive? The Jewish Quarter forms an integral part of the history of Prague. With so much of that history contained within the monuments of the Jewish Museum, a walking tour led by a professional guide is the only way to gain an understanding of its significance. It's a fascinating story, if you let us tell it. As we tour the Jewish Quarter, we'll also discover a little of the life Franz Kafka, the famous author born and raised here. Key Points: Jewish communities in Prague from the earliest records of 965, right through Medieval times and on to the present day.

- Development of the Jewish Ghetto and history of the synagogues, the Ceremonial Hall and the Old Jewish Cemetery.
- Background to, and reasons for the redevelopment of the Jewish Ghetto at the turn of the 20th century.
- Changing status of Jews over the centuries and the tragedy of the Holocaust.
- Remnants of a community; Prague's Jewish people today.
- Central Europe's largest collection of Jewish ceremonial art (Judaica), including silver, glass, textiles, manuscripts and other rare and precious objects.

Note: the Old-New Synagogue is the only significant building in the Jewish Quarter not included in this tour; it is not part of the Jewish Museum and therefore requires a separate ticket (adults 200 czk /students 140 czk). It is not essential to enter the Old-New Synagogue, as your guide will take you outside it during the tour and explain its significance. But if you wish to enter, tell the guide on the day and they will arrange the ticket and include it in the tour.

Note: during World War II, many Jews were deported from the Jewish Quarter to Terezin (Theresienstadt), a concentration camp and Jewish ghetto.

Group Information
For groups of 15+ people, we can offer at no extra cost:
-a private tour, guide and coach exclusive to your group.
-a departure time of your choice.
-If you require a tour in German, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic or Turkish please specify on the booking form.(supplement can applies for some languages).
-To reserve, mention it in Special Requests on the booking form.

Booking Information
Dates: Operates all year
Times: 10:30 & 14:00
Duration: 2.5-3 hours
(no tour on: 06 Apr; 20-21 May; 10,11,19,24,25 Sep; 02-03 Oct; 24-25 Dec).
Pick Up: From your hotel shortly before the tour - the exact time will be stated in your booking confirmation.
Ends: Jewish Quarter or at your hotel


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